See NHeLP's talking points, and take action during the recess to protect Medicaid and save the ACA. Take a few moments to call, write, attend events, and use social media to tell lawmakers that destroying health care for 23 million low-income individuals and families is no investment in our country's future. We need a health care system that enables all people to enjoy liberty and freedom and to help strengthen their communities.

Here are ways you can get involved:

  • Share this post from NHeLP's Health Advocate Blog, which details how proposed cuts in the so-called American Health Care Act (AHCA), which passed the House in May, would harm low income children and their families. NHeLP Senior Attorney Wayne Turner, author of the post, includes links to seven fact sheets on how proposed cuts to Medicaid would likely force states to slash health services to children, "including routine vision and hearing screenings, speech therapy, mental and behavioral services and counseling, and supports for children with disabilities." Share Wayne's post and/or his fact sheets with other health advocates and your networks.
  • Visit to attend events, such as town halls, listening sessions, constituent events, and larger resistance rallies and protests.
  • Use Community Catalyst's legislative toolkit for ideas and messaging on contacting your representatives.
  • Make calls to your representatives and senators: 1-866-426-2631 (English) or 1-877-736-7831 (Spanish).
  • Post to social media using hashtags, such as: #MedicaidWorks, #SaveMedicaid, #ProtectMedicaid, #MedicaidMatters, #ProtectOurCare, and #SaveACA.

Talking Points 

NO  to any bill that does not protect individuals with pre-existing conditions from being charged more or getting less services

NO  to any bill that caps or cuts Medicaid

NO  to any bill that ends or harms Medicaid expansion

NO  to any bill that repeals the ACA

NO   to any bill that cuts health care for women

NO   to any bill that cuts health care for children

NO   to any bill that cuts health care for people with disabilities

NO  to any bill that increases health care costs for the elderly

NO  to any bill that allows health insurance companies to drop essential health benefits

NO  to any bill that decreases the number of individuals who have health coverage