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2021 Conference will be VIRTUAL

2021 Conference ONLINE — Securing the Good in the Second City: Perinatal Social Work for All

“As the COVID crisis continues we have made the decision to hold a virtual conference for our 2021 NAPSW National Conference. This will ensure we all remain safe but can enjoy time together networking and learning.” - Conference Co-Chair Kelly Weber

The 44th Annual National Association of Perinatal Social Workers (NAPSW) Conference will be held virtually. Please save the dates of April 28 - May 1, and more details will be forthcoming. Click here to learn more about the benefits of NAPSW membership and to get discounted member rates for the conference. 

2020 Autumn Forum is Here!

NAPSW Forum, Autumn, 2020  What's Inside:

Understanding Mothers Living With Borderline Personality Disorder

Virtual Meetings

NAPSW 2021 Conference


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Summer 2020 NAPSW Forum is Here!

NAPSW Forum, Summer, 2020  What's Inside:

Attachment and Perinatal Loss

Election Results

NAPSW Chicago Conference

Case Review: Neonatal Transfer

Suggested Reading

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NAPSW Spring 2020 Forum is Here!

NAPSW Forum, Spring, 2020  What's Inside:

Perinatal Social Work in the Midst of a Pandemic: Caring for Clients and Yourself

Sudden Unexpected Infant Death and It's Impact on Families

Staff Support in a High Acuity Setting

Book Review — From Love to Loss: A NICU Odyssey

Private Nursing Duty Scarcity

Perspectives from the NAPSW Listserve

2021 Conference information  


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Election Results are In!

If it were not for COVID-19, I would be home after another outstanding NAPSW conference and I would be exhausted and exhilarated after seeing good friends, having challenging discussions, and learning new skills!  Instead, I am reminiscing about past conferences and missing my good NAPSW friends and colleagues. But the work of the organization goes on, and we will continue to work together and support each other through these trying times.

The officers and BOD of the organization met this past week, as they always do at the conference, but utilizing Zoom instead of conference tables.  It was waves instead of hugs, and it was BYO coffee/tea and snacks!

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Dear NAPSW Members and Colleagues,

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NAPSW Winter Forum is Here!

NAPSW Forum, Winter, 2020  What's Inside:

Health Disparities

The Partner Model: A Solution to the Stigma of the Perinatal Opioid Epidemic

Book Review — White Fragility: Why It's So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism

Annual Conference Overview

NAPSW Board Meeting History

Innovative Program and Research Grant

Award for Excellence Nominations


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NAPSW Autumn 2019 Forum is Here!

What's Inside:

Best Practices for Emotional Care of Perinatal Loss

Understanding and Managing Personality Disordered Patients

Conference Overview

Book Review — Gather at the Table

44 Years of NAPSW Conferences

Innovative Program and Research Grant

Chicago Conference Events  


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Joan Hebert, 2019 Award for Excellence Recipient

Joan Hebert receives the 2019 NAPSW Award for Excellence

Joan Hebert, LCSW, of Orlando, Florida, has been awarded the National Association of Perinatal Social Workers’ Award for Excellence for 2019. Joan is a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Florida. The 2019 Award was presented at the 43rd annual conference during the opening banquet on May 1 in Savannah, Georgia. Members Rasa Ragas and Joni Hardcastle nominated Joan and expressed their appreciation and admiration. Rasa said: Joan has devoted a good part of her professional career working as a perinatal social worker despite several changes and reorganization at her medical center. Plus, she enjoys ‘having fun’ as I observed her to be a great dancer! I remember dancing with her at the 2012 conference in Little Rock in the Peabody Lounge along with other conference participants. She has a great sense of humor! Joan has been an active member of NAPSW, serving as Secretary, two terms on the Board, and serving on other committees, too! 


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NAPSW Spring 2019 Forum is Here!

What's Inside:

  • Screening and Comprehensive Support Services for Perinatal Mood Disorders
  • Listening to the Heart: Music Therapy's Role in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Chicago 2020 Conference
  • Book Review — Birth of a New Brain
  • NAPSW From the Beginning
  • Stepping for Preemies
  • Call for Papers


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The WInter 2019 NAPSW Forum is Here

The Winter 2019 Forum is Here!

What's Inside:

From the President
Cultural Diversity and Perinatal Loss
Savannah Conference
Book Review — Juniper The Girl Who Was Born Too Soon
Looking Back: Joni Hardcastle



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NAPSW March Recruitment Campaign and New Member Special

Only One Week Left for the New Member Special — Join Today and Save!  

NAPSW is launching a recruitment campaign to celebrate social work month. Starting today through the end of March, new members will be able to join for half price and members who recruit new members will get $50 off their conference fees! We love our social workers and we love NAPSW!  

Click here to learn more about joining and the benefits of membership. 
Click here to download our March Recruitment Campaign flyer
For more information, please contact [email protected]

Autumn Forum is Here!

 NAPSW Forum, Autumn, 2018.  What's Inside:

From the President
Imprisoning Pregnant and Parenting Women
Acculturation and Family Bonding
New Board Members
Martha Ransohoff Adler Shares Fond Memories
Book Review — Babies with Down Syndrome: A New Parents' Guide
New Members
Innovative Program / Research Grant
Invitation to Savannah
Regional Reports    



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NAPSW's End of Year Giving Campaign

Consider making a donation to NAPSW as part of your end of the year giving.

NAPSW is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization whose mission is to promote, expand, and enhance the role of social work in perinatal health care and to strive for excellence in practice for the benefit of families around the time of birth. NAPSW relies on membership dues and donations to provide affordable yet up-to-date and relevant information about best practices. NAPSW welcomes your donation, which is tax-deductible as allowed by law, to support its mission. Donations go towards supporting social work education and can be made online by clicking here

Fredda Zuckerman receives NAPSW's 2018 Award for Excellence

Fredda Zuckerman is the 2018 NAPSW Award for Excellence Recipient.  Click here to read more!

NAPSW Summer Forum is Here

NAPSW Forum, Summer, 2018.  What's Inside:

From the President
2019 Conference Call For Papers
Conference Wrap Up
Conference Memories
Officers'  and Committee Reports
Book Review — Empty Arms: Coping With Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Death
New Member Spotlight
Innovative Program / Research Grant
Stepping for Preemies


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NAPSW Spring 2018 Forum is Here!

NAPSW Spring 2018 Forum is Here!

What's Inside:

The Oregon Family Well-Being Assessment
Conference Preview 
Trauma Informed Care and Perinatal Services
New Retirees' Stories
Book Review — When the Bough Breaks: Pregnancy and the Legacy of Addiction
Regional Perspective: Antepartum Bedrest
New Member Spotlight
Information for Authors



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Nominations for 2018 Elections

 It’s that time again when we really need the help of ALL of the membership to identify people who could run for Officer and Board of Director positions.  We try to offer a slate of candidates so that there is a true election (recognizing that that sometimes means that people who do not get elected may feel bad- but we urge them to try again!).

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The NAPSW Autumn, 2017 Forum is Here! Look What's Inside!

              • Bridging Theories of Grief Since Kübler-Ross;
              • Submitting Conference Abstracts;
              • Integrating Mindfulness;
              • Trauma Informed Care: Thrive Guide;
              • Advocating For Perinatal Mental Health;
              • Regional Perspective: Postpartum Depression;
              • Thank You to Margery Pentland;
              • Innovative Programs Research; and,
              • Conference Information, and More

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Summer 2017 Forum is Here!

Current NAPSW Members can access the Summer 2017 Forum by clicking here.