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NAPSW membership is open to individual social workers having received bachelor’s, masters, or doctorate degrees in social work and who have an interest in the goals and objectives of the National Association of Perinatal Social Workers. Members may vote, serve on committees, hold an office and seat on the Board of Directors. Members will experience exclusive benefits and privileges associated with their annual membership.

In honor of Social Work month, all through March anyone joining NAPSW for the first time can join for half price! Any members who have referred a new joining member can get $50 off their conference fee! Please contact Membership Chair Ali Tiedke at [email protected] for questions or more information.  Click here to join today! 

Membership Benefits

Benefits of NAPSW membership include:

  1. Reduced registration fees for the annual NAPSW conference
  2. Complete access to the NAPSW membership site, which includes subscription to the listserve and discussion boards to share information and best practices    
  3. Subscription to the NAPSW Forum, source of professional articles and news affecting perinatal health care.  Members also have access to back issues.
  4. Mentoring through the Perinatal Partners Program
  5. Eligibility for the Innovative Program Award/Research Grant
  6. Continuing Education
  7. Voting privileges on organizational issues
  8. Networking opportunities both online and at the annual conference. Members have the opportunity to be able to link with other members, including those in their local area in a secure and private social network. 
  9. Opportunities to build leadership expertise within NAPSW

Membership Levels


Is open to individual social workers having received a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree in social work, and who have an interest in the goals and objectives of the Association.


Is open to persons who do not have social work degrees but who function as social workers in perinatal health care settings.



Is open to students or trainees in a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.  Students applicants will be asked to verify their student status.  


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