Stepping For Preemies — A Healthy Way to Raise Funds For Hospital Family Support Programs and NAPSW Scholarships

This fundraising campaign is meant to be a wellness activity that raises funds for both for NAPSW conference scholarships and Family Support Programs for local NICUs!  How do we do this? Use your tracking device (Fitbit, Smart Phone app, Up Band, etc) to monitor and keep track of your steps. 

The registration fee of $25 is the participation cost and contribution for the fundraiser.  In order to participate it is recommended you have access to a fitness application via your smartphone or computer and a Facebook account to log your progress.  We are asking that you screen save and upload your steps/ run progress to NAPSW's Stepping for Preemies Facebook page.  You also have the option of registering and donating without participating in the wellness activity. You can also sign up and track your steps without signing up for Facebook but you will not be able to share your progress nor view others. 

How To Participate:  Register using the link below.  You will then be invited to access the private NAPSW Stepping For Preemies Facebook page where you can upload photos, share your progress and throw some shade at your competition!

When:  Register anytime. The campaign starts July 1, 2019 and ends August, 31, 2019.  

Cost:  $25 per individual (May enroll in groups of up to four and even give yourself a team name).

What Do I Get Out of It?: The opportunity to improve your fitness in a fun way, while raising money for hospital family support programs and NAPSW scholarships. 

Can I Still Do It If I Don't Want to Join Facebook: Yes. Registering does not require signing up for Facebook or participating in the private NAPSW Stepping for Preemies Facebook page.  

Do I Have to be a Member of NAPSW?:  No. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate. Click here Stepping For Preemies Flyer Final.pdf to download a flyer to share with your friends and colleagues.